Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weed Eater for Rent!

Sarah and i will rent Morgan to eat dandelions in your yard.  She loves them.  Connecting the yellow dots in the yard.  Quite possibly the most eco-friendly weed killer on the market.  Take that Round-Up!  You can tell she's happy here.  We couldn't ask for more.  A 9 year old pot bellied pig having been at the SPCA for a year and a half.  She too is loving life all over again!


Carole said...

When Morgan first arrived at the farm, her skin was so dry (similar to what a rhino skin would be)...her hair was like wire.
But, the other day when we were visiting the farm, and Morgan came out to greet us, I noticed how silky her skin looked and her hair was black, soft, and sleeked back. As she passed me, I smelled something really nice and figured that it must be a perfume that Sarah had on....BUT, low and behold, it was Miss Morgan, smelling like a sweet flower. All this transformation is due to Sarah's 'spa' treatments for this sweet little 'Diva'!!! My next surprise was seeing Sarah offer a treat to Morgan and giving her the 'sit' my eyes fool me???? There was Morgan, putting her little butt down in the 'sit' position!!! How cute was that!!!! Something I had never seen!
Another Very Happy resident of Czar of the Woods Farm!!!, mom

Anonymous said...

Eric & Sarah...
Does Morgan have any brothers and sisters? You take care of all the dandelions at the farm and I noticed you've been doing alot of trimming around the yard. The other day, Mom was doing the weeding on your patio and the next day Morgan did a follow up on the patio like Mom missed a few dandelions, one heck of a pig. What I'm thinking, is that a lot of people out there make a wine out of dandelions and maybe Morgan gets a buzz after eating so many of them. I did notice that she seems to take a nap after her dandelion salads, she's probably sleeping it off?
Love Dad