Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chicken TV: Chicks Arrive at Czar of the Woods!

Our baby chicks arrived yesterday (Courtney, don't worry they won't hurt you...yet ;) )!  We purchased the chicks from McMurray Hatchery on-line and the chicks were shipped overnight to our friend Pat and Dick's house in Arcade; we actually split the order with them as you need to order at least 25 total (it helps keep these 1 day old babies warm and safe to ship in a larger number like that).  
So all the way from Iowa these chicks flew to WNY...by plane.  It's pretty remarkable to go through such an ordeal at such a young age, and to boot they arrived the morning of one of the coldest nights of the spring so far!  
Dick got an early call from the post office yesterday morning telling him that they had arrived and he quickly went to get them.  All 25 were in a very cute box that doesn't even measure 1 square foot.  Again, safety in close numbers.  Pat and Dick are experienced with chickens and have long had them.  They helped get them off on the right foot by dipping each of their little beaks into water to teach them how to drink (a big thank you to them!)  After work I picked them up and they made the second longest journey of their young lives, from Arcade to East Aurora.
Why chicken TV you ask?  Well we had a pretty serious wind storm on Saturday that knocked the cable, phone and internet out in the area (only today did it go back up).  What does one do without TV (not blog either without internet, sorry)?  Watch baby chicks eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep, poop of course.  You get the idea.  Hence (no pun intended): chicken TV.  They truly are adorable and a lot of fun to watch.  Many already have personalities and each looks different from the next as we got several different breeds.  The order includes the following: (click links to learn more about them and see what they will look like as adults: the Polish already have little "puffs" on their heads.  So Cute!)
Once they are bigger they will end up in the coop in the barn but for now they are in a large box (read dog crate) with a heat lamp.  It's been around freezing at night so we're keeping them warm inside.  So yea, we've got hot chicks at Czar of the Woods Farm!  Names to follow...

That inquisitive little girl, is a Polish chicken (notice the puff top on her head).  She has quite the personality already.  Gorgeous eyes too!  Love her!  Love them all already. 

PS: keep an eye out in the paper this Thursday May 13th as Morgan's interview is scheduled to be published.  That particular series is not made available on the Buffalo News web-site so I will do my best to scan it and make it available here.

That little grey one in the middle is the Blue Silkie.  He is the only one that we are not sure the sex of.  The other breeds you pay extra to get females.  Some breeds you cannot tell what they are at such a young age.  They are also considered Bantams or Banties, smaller breeds of chickens.  She may be a rooster!  Time will tell.

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Marianne said...

How adorable! Orphaned ducklings and goslings are coming into us now. How fortunate these little dudes and dudettes are! Enjoy...