Sunday, May 30, 2010

Morgan May Be Taking My Place!

The bond that Sarah and Morgan have is truly something special. Time and time again, whenever Sarah is reading in her lounge chair Morgan will come over and plop down right next to her like the most loyal of dogs. I caught the two of them lying together multiple times and got some great photos. We had some really great music playing at the time on our outdoor iPod dock and it just about brought a tear to my eye, to see this wonderful pig and my wife cuddling and bonding. Morgan repays us every day for us giving her a second chance.

So yea, I'm a bit nervous that Morgan may be taking my place. If I start looking a little rough, straw in my hair, etc, etc. You'll know, it happened!

Tell me Morgan isn't smiling here!

Starring Bad Blake as a book mark and Morgan as an arm ottoman!


Carole said...

This is such a sweet relationship that Sarah has with girlfriends hanging out can see that Morgan is loving every minute of it!

Kristin Risch said...

I think that nothing could be more precious than this. Sarah, you and your sweet pig are just darling! I'm so happy she joined your family and your farm!
Kristin Risch (Sarah's FP toy testing friend)