Thursday, May 13, 2010

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

Hi everyone! Below is Morgan's (and our) interview with the Buffalo News. This particular series of articles does not appear on the Buffalo News web-site so I have scanned it for you to view. It can be found on today's cover of the Life and Arts section. I realize that it is a bit small so simply click on each page of the article and it will open it up much bigger/readable. We're very happy with the article. Thanks to Anne Neville and to Sharon Cantillon from the Buffalo News for writing it and photographing us, respectively, and to both for capturing the essence of our pig, Morgan!



sean said...

That is one full head of hair there my friend. Looks like it's time from a spring cut. Great pig article also. Just don't get any llamas!

Kristin Risch said...

Sarah and Eric,
This is wonderful! It is so nice to hear you went with the underdog, or underpig as the case may be. Morgan is so lucky to have you and it sounds like the same is true for you with her! She is a beautiful animal and I hope she brings you many years of happiness!
Kristin Risch (Sarah's friend from the FP toy testing)

Anonymous said...

Eric... Referring to Sean statement about the head of hair, looks like something I spotted in the mountains of Oregon could it be that BIG FOOT migrated to Western New York???