Friday, May 21, 2010

Morgan's New Digs

We were feeling kind of bad that the only time Morgan could be outside was when we were home so that she was supervised so last night my Dad and I built her a turnout right off her stall.  Now when the weather is nice she will be able to decide if she wants to munch grass all day and lay in the sun or snore the day away in her bed of straw!  What a life.  
The area that we used is off the back of the barn and it has very rich grass that is used as a treat for the horses.  Some of it had grown to waist level so I mowed it down for her so that she didn't think she was back in Vietnam!  She is a Vietnamese Potbellied Pig!  To a pig at her level it was a jungle.  Morgan spent a good portion of the day out there today!  What a life.  She is some pig!

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