Friday, November 26, 2010

First Thanksgiving at Czar of the Woods

Since last year we moved in here just before Christmas this was our first Thanksgiving at Czar of the Woods Farm.  Sarah, an amazing cook, made a feast beyond feasts that put me into a food coma that lasted all night.  We are so very thankful to live here on our farm and call it home.  It is cozy and full of love.  On this Thanksgiving we are thankful for family (our animals included), friends (our animals included), health, our home and for all of you that read this blog.
This is the dinner invite I sent out to our family.  I took the logo that Todd (my brother) designed for the farm and "thanksgiving-afied" it with the appropriate colors.
Here is a photo of the table (aka The Big Lebowski ) as Sarah began to set it for dinner:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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