Sunday, November 14, 2010

Use for Reclaimed Barn Board Wood

My Dad and I have been working on a project, one of many, but this one in particular involves taking reclaimed "barn board" wood from our property and cladding the ceiling of our guest room in it.  Technically it didn't come from a barn but rather a fence and it has been weathered and sun bleached for God only knows how many years.  We dried it out, wire brushed it to get the moss and lichens off and cut each to length.  Each piece is ~ 10' 3" long and 6.5" wide.  It is taking a total of 22 boards to complete the room and right now we are waiting for the other half to dry in the barn.  It makes the room look very cozy.  Slightly rustic yet the room itself will have a clean, bright look to it to keep it from looking too "cabin-y."  My wife, Sarah, and I will eventually use this as our nursery when the times comes to have a baby.
We are also in the process of remodeling the kitchen and are currently picking out new countertops.  Photos to follow.

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