Friday, January 29, 2010

Our New Dining Room Table (aka "The Big Lebowski")

So here are some photos of our dining room table. It is an ~ 8 ft X 4 ft section of a bowling alley lane that we purchased from Buffalo ReUse (aka the ReSource). This store was recently featured on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover that took place in Buffalo. The store is amazing as they take parts of old houses, etc and re-sell/recycle them so that the don't end up in the landfill and in doing so they are preserving history! We are not talking junk here folks, they have some serious pieces there, and a warehouse full of treasure just waiting to be part of your home. It's true, they don't make things like they used to. Go there, you will find that out first hand.
Anyway, my Dad put a frame underneath it and attached legs that we also bought there. He did a fantastic job! The legs are former pillars from a front porch of a house. The section of lane came from a bowling alley on Seneca St in Buffalo.
The thing, if I wagered a guess, has to weigh at least 400 pounds so we have named it "The Big Lebowski" after one of our favorite movies, the cult classic, of the same title starring Jeff Bridges as "The Dude", Jeff Lebowski. No not that Jeff Lebowski, the other Jeff Lebowski. Side note on Jeff Bridges, he is an amazing photographer and has chronicled most of the films he has worked on and has a vast web-site of many things, including his gorgeous photos. He lives a very full life. Check him out!
Took some photos of the table today set for a dinner party. And a photo of the signed photo of "The Dude" that Todd and Jenna bought for Sarah, along with a matchbook from a bowling alley in California, circa the 50's, on eBay...where else?! We are going with the bowling alley theme for the dining room, a subtle theme, as subtle as a 400 pound bowling alley table can be! Thanks Dad, you did an amazing job and this table will now live on in our family forever!
"The Dude"


Carole said...

Eric & Sarah....
Fantastic photos.....they look like a photo shoot from a magazine!!! Love them!!!!
The table looks terrific!!!

Carole said...

I showed Gram the table photos....she said it looks like from a book. She also loved the patch that Todd designed. She was very impressed with the site!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That sure is one heavy table, good thing you got the heavy porch posts for the legs, I think it came pretty good myself.

Love Dad