Friday, November 26, 2010

New Family Member: This Time With 4 Wheels Rather than 4 Legs!

After dealing with the winter in the hills of East Aurora last year in my car I decided that next time around I would get something with 4 wheel drive.  Since I couldn't afford one of these: 

which is quite possibly the coolest truck ever built (handmade/custom in LA by a company called ICON by the way) last weekend I brought home a Jeep Liberty.  So far it's been a great deal of fun to drive except for when I look at the fuel gauge!  Boooo!  It looks fun and safari ready sitting next to my ubiquitous ornamental grasses!  Welcome home!  The color is dark khaki.

With my father, now retired, having worked for GM for 40+ years it is odd to me to get something    non-GM.  What was important to me, and important to my Dad, was to stay American made.  Dad, you'll have to forgive me when one day I can afford (right!) my Ferrari 308 GTS Magnum PI style:

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