Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I braved the elements and the people today and did some shopping.  Did the usual Target, Wal Mart, Galleria, etc but I also did a few places off the beaten path and those were the best.  First I headed down to Allen St to Hero Design Studio , which is a locally thought of, owned and operated boutique that sells original screen printed posters, clothing and toys.  Per their web-site: HERO is a multidisciplinary design studio dedicated to producing hand-crafted illustration and design, run by Buffalo-based husband and wife team, Beth Manos and Mark Brickey. Formed in 2003, Hero focuses primarily on design and illustration for the music industry and cultural institutions.
I have long been a fan of Hero, especially their one off concert posters, typically shopping on-line to purchase prints from them.  This was the first time (surprisingly) that I visited the actual store.  It is a quaint shop located a few doors down from Colter Bay on Allen St and I loved it.  I picked up this tee shirt as well as a few other prints.  I also ended up talking to the owners about their new, 13 week old, Bull Terrier pup, Seri.  Super cute!  
During this holiday season I strongly encourage you to visit them at their store or at least visit them on-line.  Beth and Mark seem like incredibly genuine, nice people and it feels good to support the local economy and allow them to live their dream.
We have this Hero print hanging in our kitchen.  A vintage looking owl: 
After that, I stopped at another of my favorite "Buffalo" stores.  Buffalo reUse: the Resource While I couldn't find anything to buy, this time, I did get a whole box of old, very large antique light bulbs that I am thinking about turning into a chandelier.  These were free!  Now that is a black friday deal!  Happy Holidays!

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