Friday, November 26, 2010

Update: Reclaimed Barn Board on Ceiling Project

My Dad and I finished cladding the ceiling of our guest room in reclaimed barn board that I originally mentioned in this post .  A ceiling like this, as cozy as it is, can bring the ceiling down in feel.  In order to combat this we added a 1" X 4" bright white molding which brings it back up and highlights the warm, weather aged color of the ceiling.  That coupled with the light grey ("sparrow" by Behr) makes the room really look nice.
Just last night I laid on the bed in that room for the first time since the new ceiling went up.  I can't tell you just how cozy it was.  It was also very calming as I digested the feast that Sarah cooked for Thanksgiving.  Cozy wood ceilings are great remedies for food babies while in a food coma! :)
We are going to add some sort of ceiling hugging light as well to brighten the room up at night.
Here are some of the new photos (took them as the sun was coming up the other morning).

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