Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Someone Reminded Me Today that it's Still Fall

Traveler has no complaints.  He was made for this!  I do like winter but the older I get the less it's about fun and it is all about driving and snowblowing.  Adults do not get snow days, aside from teachers.  I need a toy (read snowmobile)!  Going out to the barn in sub freezing temps makes one long for the warm weather.
 Bad Blake, our barn cat, thinks twice before going out...he definitely misses summer!
 Czar and Ember romp in the snow...
 Czar, our almost 26 year old arabian, is acting like a youngster.  Horses love the first few weeks of snow.  It's new to them all over again.

View of the backyard looking out our back doors.
View of the barn.  Everything looks gorgeous in this winter wonderland.
 View of our road looking south-ish.
 The barn outside at night...

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