Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Pig!

Sarah and I are very excited to announce that the Buffalo News came to interview us, and Morgan-our Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig, for an article in the Buffalo News!  It was very exciting.  Morgan had a day at Spa Sarah to get her ready for the press.  We were interviewed about what it's like to own a Pot Bellied Pig but more importantly to rescue one and how she came into our life.  The SPCA gave the News our name and we jumped at the chance to do the article.  They even had a photographer come out and she got some great photos of the 3 of us together.  The article is targeted to be published on Thursday May 13th but it could go earlier or later.  We'll keep you updated.  It is a weekly series that Anne Neville writes for the paper.  Sadly it's not one of the series that is online but I promise to scan the article and post it here as soon as I have it.  Morgan is some pig!

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Carole said...

So, Little Miss Morgan is now a 'Diva'!!! I can't wait for the article!! After a time at 'Spa Sarah',
Morgan looked GORGEOUS!!!! I was waiting for the pink bow in her hair!!

She couldn't have found herself in a better home. When I'm there, enjoying her company, you can see what a happy little girl she is!!