Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Horse! Sorry, Not Here Though :(

On Monday night our friend invited me over to the barn where her friend's horse delivered a foal half an hour prior.  It certainly was the youngest horse I have ever seen, a little boy.  Not sure what his name will be yet.  It was pretty incredible to not only meet such a young horse that will still be alive when I am old but also to see them work with him right away.  They imprinted him with the human touch so that he will be more tolerant of it as he gets older.  The more he struggles the harder you hold on.  When he relents so can you.  It's a pretty cool concept.

Mom's name is Sultress.  She, for a first time mom, was excellent!  Very loving, gentle and attentive.
Hard to tell in the photos but his legs are not much shorter than mom's.  They have to be ready to walk and run within minutes.  Think of them living in the wild.  They need to be able to run from predators almost immediately.

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Carole said...

Oh My GOD!!......this is so BEAUTIFUL!!! What a little sweetie!!
He's so tiny...what a joyous thing to witness...amazing!!