Friday, April 2, 2010

Seed Planting Update...and a Venus Fly Trap!

I couldn't resist this little guy when I went to purchase seeds the other day.  I have always wanted a Venus Fly Trap but even more so recently after having read an article in Smithsonian Magazine (click link to read the full article) that informed me that they only live in a small area in the Carolinas!  I had no idea!  Already fed him some bugs.  Thinking of calling him Silvio, no idea why!
Here are some of the seeds that I purchased and some of those that were given to me by Pat and Dick (those in the baggies).
This is the nice mini greenhouse that I filled with a soil-less growing medium (this prevents rotting).  A clear cover is placed over the tray to keep moisture and heat in.
These are a spring mix of lettuce (aka mesclun mix).  I planted them Wednesday.
They began to sprout in 24 hrs!  I couldn't believe it!  This photo was taken tonight, 48 hrs after sowing.  Also planted tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc, etc!  

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