Friday, April 2, 2010

Quickest Spring Ever!

Spring has sprung and gone and summer is here.  Not really but it certainly felt like it.  The past 48 hrs have been some of the nicest spring days in Buffalo that I ever remember with temperatures reaching above 80 in East Aurora.  Not to be taken for granted.  I actually A) wore shorts today which is earlier in the year than ever before (Tom Burke if you're reading this it probably means nothing to you because you are a shorts all year kind of guy!) and B) I have a tan!  A bit of a burn really.  I usually don't get a tan until August just in time for the milky white look of winter to take over!  
Days like today recharge life!  I literally spent the past 2 days outside working on several projects.  Sarah spent the day outside with me today, helping.  The rest of the weekend is supposed to be just as nice!

Morgan loves to wander the yard, rooting around.  She decided to get a little R & R and a tan on that pink belly.  I found her like this, nope she's not dead.  I checked!
Want a cute picture?  Take one of a pot bellied pig, doing anything!

The heat got to Sarah and Mr. Bad Blake so they took a short nap (choosing not to write cat nap).

Later in the day Morgan was back out and Sarah found some magic spot (I say this because it worked 2 times) on her belly that caused her to lay on her side and want belly rubs!  The two are really bonded.  I may have to have Sarah trim her feet!
And Mr Bad Blake staying cool in the shade, keeping watch.  The life of a cat is pretty good.  Play hard and sleep hard.  Eat and relax in between.  Maybe I'll come back in another life as a pot bellied pig (I too love to eat and sleep) or a cat!  He is our only "outside" cat (aka barn cat) and it will remain that way for both he and those inside.  We struggled with the idea but he seems truly happy out there and has a really good life!
We also had a bon-fire for the first time at the new house!  On April 2nd!  It could be snowing.  It was a nice way to spend the evening together.  Our land is so very peaceful and quiet.  The distant sound of peepers (frogs) and we even heard coyotes again tonight.  I told Sarah that we were like a couple of cowoboys: sitting by a fire, listening to the horses making their night time noises, coyotes all while listening to Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers, all on vinyl-even better!  It was very romantic.  Life is good!

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Carole said...

I'm in hysterics here!!! This was so, so funny!!! Great posting....your descriptions are so very my cup of coffee, then sat down to read, and enjoy!!