Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Patch Design for Czar of the Woods Farm

Thanks to my brother Todd for designing this incredibly cool, very "boy-scoutian" patch for the farm!  I like the idea of having multiple looks for the "image" of the farm.  Much like some of my favorite bands have a design concept for each album or concert poster and take great, thoughtful care in each and every element of the design.  While each look is different from the next the common thread is the band, in this case it is the farm.  This would look really nice on a winter hat or flag.  I have often thought about putting a flag pole on the property with the American flag, the main farm logo flag, this as another and the family coat of arms which Todd also designed.  
My mom has also been working on some amazing t-shirts for us too with the main logo on the chest and variations of it on the back.  One of my favorites has images of Traveler, Czar and Morgan in "photo booth" style photos.  It's pretty great.  Will post an image of this once I get the file.


Carole said...

The patch is AMAZING!! What a great idea Todd came up with. I also like the fact that you have a link to my blog...very nice...Thank You!!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys..

Love the patch, I need another patch for my collection, keep me in mind when you get them.

Love Dad