Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morgan Sophia Beasley Home At Last...or Horses DO NOT Like Pigs!

So we picked up Morgan Sophia Beasley at the SPCA today.  It was quite the event!  We tried to entice MSB into the crate with treats but she would have none of that.  Unfortunately it came down to cornering her and pushing her.  She would have none of that either as it was like trying to push a parked car or concrete wall!  Eventually we got her in and she was vocal on the ride home, not stressed but talkative-alternating between her cute duck-like squeaks, some grunting and snorting.  
After carrying the VERY HEAVY crate to the barn we were greeted by Czar and Midnight who were not thrilled about the squealing box that was being carried past them.  Their nostrils flared and they too snorted as they were freaked out!  Morgan now did not want to come out of her carrier as she was in head first so she had to be pulled out.  More squealing ensued and the horses were really amped up now.  Within 5 minutes she was eating her dinner and exploring.  The horses needed some serious calming down.  We eventually brought her out into the aisle so that they could see what, for all they knew, was going to kill them.  It wasn't a cougar or a Wookalar after all and they eventually calmed down.
Morgan ate some treats, explored, rooted around in her straw bed, tested out her new pink fleece baby blanket (covered in puppies) and fell asleep as though nothing had happened.  
Thanks to the Erie County SPCA for taking care of her for the past year and a half and to Patti for processing the adoption and to both her and Reanna (SP?) for seeing her off to her new forever home!

Crate awaiting Morgan's exit into her new home...
The signs that I designed for Morgan's stall and all the other animal's stalls as well:
Morgan exploring for the first time...

Million Dollar smile!

A pig after her new dad's heart...eating dinner...within 5 minutes of arrival!

in bed...

 Sarah watching Morgan give her new blanket a test ride

Fast asleep in her pile of straw covered in a blanket.  We may join her!

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Mom said...

Dad and I were so happy that we could be there to Welcome Miss Morgan to her new home....she's a real sweetie! She seemed to really enjoy the Tim Horton Tid Bits that we brought and it was so nice to see her settle in to her cozy new bed....not a care in the world. I had so much fun that I felt like a little kid on a fieldtrip to the farm..... Welcome Home Morgan Sophia Beasley!!!