Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Animal Report from the farm...by guest writer Clementine

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to tell you some things about the new house.  We love it!  Mom and Dad kept us in the bedroom for 1 week and while it was cozy we started to think boy this is a little too "cozy" if you know what I mean.  On the day after Christmas they opened the doors and we never looked back.  I didn't anyway!  Neither did Boysenberry.  She found the same spot on the same couch that she loved at the old house.  Kate explored and found the couch next to Dad.  Elephant came out to explore more quickly than i expected.  Ruby was in and out of the bedroom.  Luna took her time. Little by little Mom and Dad would find Luna in the family room exploring with the look of getting caught on her face!
Today I am happy to report that we are all acclimating so very well and love the new place.  It's so cozy.  Love the fireplace!  We are all finding are favorite spots and are back into our routines (and making new ones).  At night we typically come back to the bedroom so we can all "sleep in a pile."  
Today we watched Dad knock BIG icicles off the house!  Mom slept a lot because she isn't feeling well today.  We're okay with sleeping.
I am also very happy to report that Traveler is 100% back to health after recovering from what was confirmed today as leptospirosis.  I heard that Dad said at work when he found out: "that was one expensive bastard of a bacteria!"  We're all happy that our big brother is feeling better!

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