Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beautiful Saturday at Czar of the Woods Farm!

Traveler and I just got back from a walk around the property to decide and plan where we are going to put the trees that we will be planting in the spring.  We will be ordering them through the Erie County Tree and Shrub Conservation Program, I highly recommend it.  Cheap, and lots to choose from.
Anyway, it's a beautiful, sunny, warm-ish day here.  The horses are out sun bathing, Morgan is probably sleeping but I am going to go wake her up for some exercise.  And, oh yea, we have a barn cat!  His name is Wilco! He is a love!  Orange and solid and full of love!  He came into my work as a stray and he is doing great!  Will post photos of him as soon as I take them.  Wilco is the first fella cat to join the harem, although the girls are indoor only.  We'll probably get him a friend for the barn at some point.

Look you don't miss beautiful scenes like this.  I have always been fascinated by jet streams and planes in general.  There are theories out there that jet streams are the result of material added to a plane's fuel so as to help reflect the sun's rays away from the earth, resulting in less global warming.  Kind of neat.  So far away and I know the people inside are the same size as I am but I can't help but think that they are small.  Always wonder where they are headed as well.  Everyone has a story.
View from the back corner of the property...I have taken this shot in 2 different seasons now, fall and winter.  Can't wait for the others!
Traveler and I just got back from a walk around the property...there he is over my right shoulder.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric..

Love these photo's, love the photo of the aircraft flying across the blue sky and leaving the streaming codensate from the engines. Yes one is to think about the pilots flying the plane, the people inside and where they are headed. People from every walks of life and bound together by a destination of travel. Love the picture of you and Traveler in the back ground. I've always loved the snow, how clean and refreshing after a recent snow fall and the photo taken from the northeast corner of your property shows the beauty that a fresh snow brings. Love Dad.