Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chickens Welcome Spring (Almost)...and so do Some Turkeys (not ours)

Today was the first day where the sunshine and weather allowed me to put the chickens out.  At first skeptical they then quickly remembered what they had been missing for what seemed like 6 months of winter!  One of our Buff Orpingtons, a heritage breed, was the first to check it out, then venture out.

One of our Partridge Rocks...

A Black Star...

For those of you that buy eggs from us and are fans of the blue green eggs, please take the time to thank this chicken, our Aracauna, named Badger after a character in Fantastic Mr. Fox

The chicken in the center is out Silver Penciled Hamburg...

The chicken on the left is our Black Cochin, a feather footed breed and the chicken on the left is our Golden Polish.  Her head feathers are starting to look nice again.  Early in the winter I had to giver her a haircut because every time she drank water they got wet and froze.

The chicken in the center is our Dominique which is a heritage breed that is originally from New England.

You'll be happy to know that "Roadrunner Boese" who we got from our friends Pat and Dick because their chickens picked on her has been accepted by flock.  Last summer we also had to keep her and "Sunbutter," the little Old English Game hen (bought at the fair and standing in the bottom left center of this photo), together when outside (inside the others could have cared less) because our flock was picking on them as well, being outsiders and all.  After a winter of bonding with all the other girls they now can go outside together.  "Roadrunner" is standing in the door to the outside and when I came home all the chickens could have cared less that either of them were with the flock outside.

The white chicken in the back center of this photo is our Brahma bantam chicken that we bought at the fair last year.  They did not accept her then either but now do.  This makes me so happy.

These are not chickens but some wild turkeys that I found patrolling the yard last week.  Last year we would see them almost every day including the birth of chicks.  It's nice to see them again, yet another sign of spring!

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