Monday, April 4, 2011

There Will Bee...

I lost my bee hive this winter as I posted about here:   While it is very sad and discouraging after all the work I had put into it last year I am happy to say that I have ordered a new package of bees from Waldo Apiary in Ohio.  They ship on April 27th and I will then start anew by placing them in the hive and letting them do their thing.  It will be prefect timing for all the spring blooms and buttercups that are out as spring bursts forth come May.  I ordered a 3 pound package of bees and upgraded to a Russian queen which I am told are hardier for our weather.  It felt right seeing that our farm's name is Czar of the Woods Farm to have a Russian Czarina queen bee running the apiary dept!
I will certainly post photos and the process of adding the package into the hive once the arrive here.  Hopefully our mailman is not allergic :)
Sorry for the lack of posting lately...MUD MUD MUD about sums it up.  Winter is lingering this year like a stink in the bathroom.  No longer fun.  Can't wait to get my hands in the dirt...I did plant about 100 bulbs of various spring blooming flowers.  Hoping that they grow quickly to add a bit of color to the grey and brown landscape.

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