Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on Mirka

Many of you have asked how Mirka, our "foster" pitbull, is doing and if she is still here.  She is, and she is doing well.  All the foster homes in pitbull rescue groups were full when she and Traveler decided that they didn't like each other (which was quite a while ago now) so she is still here.  We keep them separate, which isn't ideal, but it works.  When he is out she is in her crate (which she loves) and when she is out he sleep in his crate (he also loves his) in the bedroom or on the bed.  The longer she stays the more difficult it would be to ever consider her leaving.  Once the weather breaks we will work with the two of them outside so that they are not in any cramped space that could lead to any aggression.  They are both wonderful, loving dogs that love people but both want to be top dog.  We'll see.  Anyway, here are some photos.  Mirka is very cat-like in that she sleeps like it is going out of style and her favorite thing is to curl up in a ball as close to you/on you as possible.

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