Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

When we first moved in one of the things that we were most excited about was tackling the kitchen.  It needed help.  We are going for a modern farm house kitchen look.  Some befores and after...

Before (before we even moved in actually-these were taken on our first walk thru)

And after(s)...notice the new countertops (made from ceramic tile), the new peninsula on the end and the new pendant old school farm lights.   Someday we will probably paint the cupboards white but for now we are living with them this way...

Before: notice that this was actually the previous owner's dining room.  We made the whole thing our kitchen.
After(s): To turn 2 rooms into one large kitchen we took out the carpet and put in all new floors throughout what used to be the dining room and what already was the kitchen.  This was a very easy way to make what looked to be 2 rooms into one large room.

Thanks to my Dad for all his help on this project including building the shelf you see above.  Next project inside before the weather gets too nice is vaulting the ceiling in our front living room.  

Our first meal in the new kitchen: homemade gluten free pizzas with beets (YUM!), cheese, brie, cilantro and proscutto.  Sarah is an amazing cook and I am so happy that she finally has a nice kitchen with counter space to work on (although she still finds herself using the small part that she used prior to the remodel! HA!)


Carole said...

Eric...the kitchen looks absolutely beautiful!!!! Love the shelf!! You've done so much to the house already and I just can't wait to see the vaulted ceiling in the living'll be amazing!!! Dad's looking forward to working on it with you.


Carole said...

OOPS....forgot...the pizza looks DELICIOUS!!!!!!