Friday, January 21, 2011


If winter can be perfect this one has.  It really is quite beautiful.  Winter started early this year in Western New York.  In Buffalo, winter typically does not (emphasis on typically) start in October for all of you out of towners reading the blog.  We get a dusting of snow up to Christmas and then it sets in for the long haul.  This year it started early, sometime before Thanksgiving and it has pretty much held tight ever since.  One has to make the best of it and appreciate it for what it is otherwise cabin fever can get the best of you.  I, surprisingly have a lot of energy and creative juice flowing these days.  My tonic for endlessly long days, and probably driven by the fact that I can't really go outside and work on the projects that I really want to be working on, is to keep busy both physically and mentally.  Lots of planning!
Winter is never in a hurry.  It is quiet enough to hear.  Take the time to notice this.  Summer is the pretty girl at school.  All hot and makes you full of lust.  Winter is the girl at school that has a great sense of humor, likes to cuddle and looks just as good once she takes her glasses off.  

I took this photo this morning after 2 hours of snowblowing and getting the thing stuck in the ditch (got a little too close, the ditch grabbed the tire and swallowed it up!  Thanks Dad for helping to pull me out with your truck!)

This is how Sarah keeps warm this wearing Boysenberry (one of our indoor cats) as a hat!

And this is how I stay growing a cat on my face!  HA!

And what better way to spend an evening than cuddled up with your wife and animals in front of the fire!  I haven't played the guitar in quite a while either; feeling inspired I have once again picked it up.  There she sleeps on the chair.

This photo is a panoramic view of our property standing at the ~ northwest corner looking ~ southeast.  Click on it to make it bigger.

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