Friday, January 21, 2011

The Animals Don't Seem to Mind...

The horses don't get to go out as much in the winter but whenever there is a break in the heavy snow or wind I put them out and they make the most of it.  They usually run around like kids, then roll and then have a snack.  Because we insulated the barn (thanks Dad for your help) the barn is quite toasty.  We hit NEGATIVE EIGHT last week and it was in the 30's in the barn.  No frozen buckets, no frozen water tub.  So much better.  The horses don't even need their blankets most of the time.  It's downright balmy in there!  HA!

 Most handsome dog ever, Traveler-our Alaskan Malamute, loves the snow more than anyone.  He will beg to go outside in the worst of weather so that he can curl up in a ball out there.  His coat keeps him so warm that the snow falls on his coat and stays there without melting because he loses zero body heat.

The chickens have a truly cozy coop...they have been working very hard, laying plenty of eggs despite the cold.  The barn is so warm that I don't have to heat their coop but I do provide them with 14 hrs of daylight everyday in there which is required for chickens, especially to lay eggs.

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