Monday, January 24, 2011


Went out to the barn this morning and had to rub my eyes to make sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing (see photo).  I'm pretty sure that I have never before experienced weather as cold as this!  This does not include the wind chill!  The barn, due to the heat the horses give off, was a balmy 24 degrees...crazy and mind bending to think of the 40 degree difference between the 2.  Before work I gave the chickens some warm water, the horses extra hay and Bad Blake (our barn cat) a heating disc for his bed.  Cozy as it could be I guess.
I then used snow, yes snow, to insulate my cold hardy bamboo (hardy down to negative 20...getting close, yeeks!)  You know it's cold out when you use snow to keep something warm...think igloo.
While at work my Dad found the hose that we use to fill the water tub in the barn to be frozen so he dealt with that for 2.5 hrs, including thawing, and helped me out immensely.  I would still be in there working on this tonight!
On the news they said that it was colder here than at each of the poles, both north and south.  Also mind bending.  For those of you that are questioning global warming, this is what is happening.  Sounds weird to blame negative teen temps on global warming but that is how it works.
Stay warm my friends.  It's like Hoth out there!   BRRRRRR!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It certainly was a cold, vegorious morning. I can't either remember such a cold morning. It -7 degrees when I left home and on the way to Eric's it continously got colder till the thermometer in my truck also read -16. It wasn't the best of conditions trying to get water to the barn.