Friday, August 20, 2010

Garden Update

What started out as a bare patch of ground and seeds in our basement has turned into some amazing vegetables this summer.  Our "pickling" cucumbers that ended up the size of small watermelons were so good!  We were eating cucumbers and cream just about every day for a while.  We have had fresh herbs all summer and now we are into the tomatoes, eating them in all kinds of different recipes.  
These little guys are a variety called "Lady Bug."  They are quite good.  Thanks to Pat and Dick for this plant.
Where there are horse there is manure, lots of it!  We used the aged stuff to grow are veggies in and some of the tomatoes are like small pumpkins.  We have so many that we can't eat them all.  Morgan LOVES tomatoes!  LOVES THEM!
This is our pumpkin/squash patch, also growing in aged horse manure, inside Morgan's run area.  It is turning into the plant in Little Shop of Horrors!  It is the great pumpkin patch.  Can't wait to see what we end up with from it.
and ps-if you want manure let me know.  I know a guy and it's free! :)

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