Friday, August 20, 2010

Chicken Update

Our flock has been enjoying the beautiful summer that we have been having as much as we have!  They get to spend about 12-13 hrs outside basking in the sun and pecking around, looking for goodies.  Still too young (aside from our 3 yr old adults) to lay eggs yet they have gotten so big.  Once they are laying we will be getting almost 2 dozen eggs a day, please let me know if you want some.  What a gorgeous group of girls!
This is one of our Partridge Rocks...
This is our Buff Cochin (notice the feathered feet)...
This is our White Cochin that we call "Special One."  As a baby chick she walked kind of funny as cochins have really awkwardly shaped legs at that age that are almost too big for their body.  Hence, she was a touch special.  She has turned into one of our most stunning and beautiful birds.  Every morning the sunrise and every evening the sunset make her appear to be glowing.
For those of you that like Indian food, this is Vindaloo (as in Chicken Vindaloo-one of my favorite dishes that is the same color).  She is a Rhode Island Red.

I have always wanted a Chicken from the Erie County Fair so we got one.  A little Black Wheaten English Game hen that is incredibly tiny even full grown.  When introducing a new chicken to the flock they don't take kindly to new comers (hence the term pecking order) so she is in her own yard adjacent to the big chicken yard.  It's funny though at night they tolerate her just fine in the coop and on the roost.  Chickens become somewhat sedate during the night and are very relaxed.  You can barely see the little girl on the left (look inside the up side down 'V').
There she is...little SunButter (named after Sarah's favorite gluten free snack bars.  side note: Sarah was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, which means that she can't eat anything with wheat, flour, barley, etc which all contain gluten.  My dad was diagnosed with this ~22 years ago, and my uncle ~ 8 yrs ago.  It is hereditary yet I do not have it.  She is officially a Kancar now.  No we are not least I hope not!)  We are going to get her a small friend soon...

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