Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal Update

All the animals of Czar of the Woods Farm are truly enjoying this amazing summer and are sad that its end is fast approaching.

Bad Blake, our barn cat, is one in a million!  A sweet heart of cat with a heart of gold.  If you see him tell him not to cross the street!  We don't like that!  Bad, Bad Blake!

Morgan, our Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig, spends ~75% of her time sleeping and the other 25% eating.  She is on permanent vacation and I am jealous of her life sometimes.  She has it so good here!  Here she is sleeping in the doorway to her run (notice the pumpkin patch behind her). 
No we don't have a turkey but this wild turkey, a hen, has been around all summer and shortly after I got these photos she showed up with her 2 chicks.  So cute!
Bad Blake (lowe right) was very interested in this dinosaur looking bird so much so that he couldn't contain himself any longer and gave chase!

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