Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nighttime at Czar of the Woods Farm

As stunning as the mornings are here the nights are equally beautiful. This summer, June was quietly rich with fireflies while July is humming with the steady chirp of crickets and intermittent buzz (zzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz) of cicadas (click link to learn more) (note: cicadas take 17 years to develop in the ground before reaching adulthood-the cicadas that you are hearing tonight as you read this and those that I am hearing as I type this were born in 1993!!) It's interesting that when you pay attention, really pay attention, you can keep track of time by noting which insects are out. The other night and went outside and it was one of the most beautiful nights that I can ever remember: stars, no wind, crickets, cicadas, the moon, thick heat that you could smell. Summer nights don't get any better than this. For as muggy as it is, remember what the middle of February is like!

Boysenberry (one of our house cats-a munchkin mix, notice the short front legs...of course we adopted her too!) says "I think I'm warm!"

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Carole said...

Boysenberry is so adorable...and so interested in whatever you're doing...she's a cutie!! Even Gram thinks she's sweet!!