Saturday, July 3, 2010

Landscaping Update

Before looking at the latest photos of what the landscaping looks like now please re-visit these 2 links to see what it looked liked the day(s) I designed and built the areas in early spring (literally as the snow was still melting-couldn't wait to get out there!)  My designing and building hasn't stopped and all the hard work is paying off.  The ornamental grasses are really looking great!


Anonymous said...

You certainly worked hard on your landscape projects, time to take a deep breath and enjoy what you have accomplished. I heard someone is starting to call you groundhog with all the digging you've been doing, who could that be???

Love Dad

femminismo said...

Glad I took a look at the "before." I can see just how hard you've worked. I'd like to turn our front yard into a courtyard. Right now the magnolia (in the front yard) is shedding leaves like mad, but it only does that about two or three times a week, so shouldn't be a problem. haha! Love your neck of the woods.