Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chicken Update

The chicks have been outside for quite a while now and they are absolutely loving life!  Lots to explore and eat in their yard.  We adopted 2 adult chickens as well from Pat and Dick.  They were getting picked on by the other adult chickens in their flock and needed a new home.  We have named them Abelene and Millie-their breed name is called Black Star.  All went well with the introduction but our chicks were wondering where these steroid chicks came from-"why are they so much bigger than us?!"  It's really kind of neat to watch the little ones (relatively speaking) learn from the older ones.  I often find myself pulling up a chair to watch the goings on in the chicken yard.  Again I will use the term chicken TV.

Here the "little ones" are confused by the size of the new arrivals!  Huddling together discussing things no doubt and trying to decide if they are going to be eaten!

The new girls checking out the chicken yard...

That's Abelene in the foreground and Millie behind her, both roosting...

Morning is truly a beautiful time in the chicken yard, so much to explore and the sun hits it just right!

A couple of Polish chickens out for a stroll.  Gorgeous birds!

Chickens love to find a spot that they can scratch out a depression and have a little dust bath.  Ironically this helps clean them.  That's our Silver Spangled Hamburg on the right and one of our Partridge Rocks on the left.

The coop door to the inside

This is our Silver Laced Wyandotte, "Badger," sunbathing in the dirt!

ps to Pat and Dick: these chickens that you gave us are defective, they have yet to lay any eggs! :)


Heyjami said...

Since you let them roam, are you sure those eggs aren't out in the yard somewhere?

:-) Enjoyed your chicken tv post!

eric kancar said...

definitely don't let them roam in the yard...too many things (ie plants and landscaping) for them to destroy.
they have their own fenced in yard and one of the 2 older ones has started to lay again.
thanks :)