Saturday, March 6, 2010

Motorcycle as Sculpture

Last summer I bought a 1970 Honda CB 350 Motorcycle!  If you're reading this and you know my grandmother, please don't mention this, she would die, after she killed me first!  It was a present to both of us for Sarah's 30th birthday-as we had both wanted a vintage bike for a long time.  Every day last summer and into the fall I worked on it, bringing it back to life; though it doesn't need much.  In a very short period of time I learned a lot, and ebay became my evil friend again as I scoured the web for parts.  Once it got cold, around the end of last October, I couldn't work on it anymore and I have really missed it.  Rather than let it sit in the garage and collect dust we decided to move it into our great room (thanks Sarah, what a cool wife!) and use it as a sculpture!  It looks great with the sort of midcentury vintage post modern look that we have going on, including the Big Lebowski bowling alley table.  Now we get to look at it every day and working on it most likely will take a back seat to the work that needs to be done on the house.  At least we get to enjoy it each and every day.  My mom really likes the idea of the motorcycle as a sculpture because that means I won't be riding it!  I started a blog last year to document the recycling process, visit it here.


Carole said...

Art, YES.....transportation, NO!!!!!!


joe said...

Eric, now you gave Mr Gangloff an idea, that I don't like. I'm glad our house is too little for the THREE bikes to be in the living room. But I like the idea of it as art work not transportation. Mr favorite is the white horse you have. Love Mrs. Gangloff

wilson said...

It's a nice looking vintage machine.