Thursday, March 18, 2010

Introducing Bad Blake

We have a new barn cat...ahem, yep, it's true!  We now have 8 cats...7 house cats and 1 barn cat, Mr Bad Blake!  He is wonderful cat that came to the hospital as a not so friendly stray that was leery of people.  Not only leery but would attack them.  Cats don't get like this if they are around people; he was obviously living outside on his own for a while.  He even scratched the Good Samaritan that brought him in.  As a result he spent 10 days in the slammer at the hospital for a rabies quarantine (since his vaccine status was unknown).  All this and after battling an upper respiratoy infection; he was close to being euthanized!  After some great foster work by Erin, one of the assistants at work and Amy at the Erie County SPCA he has lost that fear and can't get enough of human contact.  Luckily he enjoys being the only cat so there is no chance that he will follow in the footsteps (into the house-even we have our limits if you can believe it) of his predecessor barn cat, Wilco.
Why the name Bad Blake?  This is the name of Jeff Bridges' character in Crazy Heart, the role for which he recently won the Oscar for best actor!  Told ya he was a lock!  Go see it!
In it he plays a washed up country singer trying to revitalize his career as he battles alcoholism and loneliness.  He on the outside is a bad dude but on the inside has a heart of gold, just as does the feline version of Bad Blake.  He no longer is a bad dude but he has a heart of gold.  Unless you are a chipmunk or a mouse, then you might think otherwise!  He is a combination of affection (to humans) and murder (to the barn varmen)!
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bad Blake! (Not the best photo...he moves around a lot and I managed to get him when he was in his crate, which gives him a sense of home until he knows for sure that the barn is home.  You get the idea, more photos to follow.)

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Carole said...

Bad Blake and I have become fast friends! He is so sweet!! When we visit, he cuddles in my lap and purrrrrrrr's the entire a little motor. He's incredibly friendly and seems to love attention, which I give him every time. Wilco is the same way, so's amazing to me, since I've never been a cat person...I guess I am now!!!