Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wild America

Every morning when we wake up we never really know what is going to be outside the window.  Just the other day we saw this wild looking group about 10-20 ft from our kitchen window.  We hear them almost every day from over in our neighbors yard as I think they are getting ready to hatch a clutch of eggs.  The male being very protective is very vocal and more than willing to show just how big he is.  Turkeys are ugly yet majestic.  Later that night while we were eating dinner, a turkey hen flew through the yard very gracefully.  Who knew?

We have also been lucky enough to watch a mama deer with her newborn fawn walking through the back pasture twice daily.  The pasture grass is so high that the tiny little fawn has to pop up periodically almost as if coming up for air as it tries to keep up with its mom.  So sweet.


Dad said...

Eric.... I've been hearing the turkeys ever morning at your house, and have been seeing the deer family the last couple of days. The grass you planted in the back corals last fall certainly has established itself with all the rain we've had this spring and in return has given your wild animal friends a place to feel safe and some good eating on top of it. Love Dad

Kancar said...

Maybe in November you could teach him how to walk into the house, and directly into the oven!!

Talk about 'Wild Kingdom'!!!!

love you...mom