Sunday, September 26, 2010

Plugging the Plugger

A fellow blogger-ite found me by searching "farming" on blogger.  Kind of cool and still mind blowing really.  We are modern farmers, hobby farmers if you will.  We aren't the kind of farmers that provide life to our country that struggle day in and day out.  But we are related in some way to that and we have a better appreciation as a result.  The one year anniversary of when we first laid eyes on our now paradise that we call home is coming up at the end of this month.  So yea, one year ago at this time if someone sought out 'farming' they sure as hell would not have found us.  
Kyle Wilson, the blogger-ite in question, was kind enough to feature one of my photos on his blog, Trampling Out the Vintage (a cool reference to making wine): here is a link to the post:
Be sure to check out the rest of his blog as well.  Here is an excerpt from this post. It seems kind of fitting of us.  

A man leaves industrial New York for the woods. For the novelty and rarity we call rural. He grows his own groceries. He notices the way the sun falls on the leaf. Perhaps he ponders this plant’s synthesis. He can behold the bold moon unabridged by the city lights. He is awakened, like Emerson, by those heavenly bodies’ rays and he has the same certain reverence. His is no ordinary reformation. There is no bureaucracy conducting him but that of his own righteous mind. His is a restoration. A restoration of self-governance. A condemnation of the bondage that is orthodox codependent life. A restoration of self-reliance. And in so striving to become a more independent self, he is able to become a more interdependent self. A sense of community will grow around such integrity. A plow cultivates freedom just as effectively. A restoration of freedom obtained by reducing one’s sense of economy to its simplest terms. A quality of life that is not easily attained elsewhere. A restoration to what was and what ought to still be.

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