Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Family Member!

No, I know what you're thinking; "The crazy cat people got another cat!"  Nope, not true!  Todd and Jenna, my brother and sister in law in NYC, rescued/adopted a dog from a shelter in NJ!  His name is Teddy (aka Theodore, aka Tedward, aka Teddington, aka the Lighthouse Keeper, aka Captain) and he is a 6 yr old Maltese that I am told is perfect!  They wanted a dog that was small, hypo-allergenic and in need of a second chance.  We can't wait to meet the little guy and I know that Traveler wants to meet his dog cousin.  Traveler loves little dogs!  No really he does, not for lunch either.  He may be big but he has a soft spot for small animals (ie kittens and dogs).
For those of you that ever consider wanting to get another animal I highly encourage you to consider rescuing one.  Even if you want a specific breed there are breed rescues for every breed out there; simply do your homework.  If you really want a puppy you may be able to find one.  There are a lot of good breeders out there but most are not so before going that route at least consider rescue.  There are thousands of animals out there in need of homes.  Many get euthanized if one cannot be found.
Congrats to Jenna and Todd on the adoption of our "dog nephew" Teddy!  Welcome home!
If you check Teddy's petfinder page it states adopted!  Gotta love it!

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