Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things That Glow: Part 2

Finally got some photos (not easy to do so not a great photo but you get the idea) of the millions of fireflies behind our property.  Truly breathtaking!  To learn more about fireflies (aka lightning bugs) click here
This little girl landed on my arm!
And our first bon-fire of the summer.  Nothing quite like one on a beautiful summer night with good friends!


Carole said...

The thought of all these firefly's is so poetic...the visual is Tinker Bell!

Anonymous said...

Eric... You certainly have been touching my memory bank far in the back cavities of my brain. Looking at these photo's, let see looking for sputnik with my close friends at Houghton Park. The 2nd photo looks like we may have spotted it, could it be?? The 3rd a camp fire at one of the many scout camp I attented as a young scout. Such a great childhood, such great memories with so many, many great friends. LOVE Dad