Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chicken Update

No this is not a post about England giving up a soft goal against the US in the World Cup today to allow them to tie 1-1.  USA, USA!!!  Soccer anyone?
The chickens at COTW are getting to be big girls now.   They are 1 month old now and for a week they have been living in the coop in the barn, having moved out of our basement.  In the past week they went from that awkward teenager stage to looking like small chickens and actually kind of pretty now.
This is our Blue cute!
Our Golden Polish...
Our White-Capped Black Polish...

Our White Cochin...last week in the awkward stage...
This is our mystery breed....they send you one with each order.  Not sure what she is yet.  But stinkin cute!

This is the temporary pen that they stayed in for the last week.  It will become their roost eventually.  
My Dad and I worked on building the door to the outside run yesterday.  The nesting boxes on the right won't be used for quite a while.  
Not so sure about that scary outside world.  They now have the option to go outside during the day.  They opted not to, yet.  

View from the outside looking in.


Carole said...

The 'girls' look like Dorothy when her house landed in Oz and she opened the door for the first time!!!!!

They're super CUTE!!! Can't wait until you & Sarah name them all!!!

Anonymous said...

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mrsjohn said...

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Jacky Maille said...

You sure do have a lot of chickens!

OceanEyes said...

Oh I love it when new chicks come in!! We just got a batch of six, two buff orpingtons, two black stars, and ostralorp and rhodeisland red. Our older hens have been pretty nice to them so far, but we will see!