Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Moved In...FINALLY!

Hi everyone
The past few weeks have been crazy culminating in the big move on Friday and Saturday of last week. 4 UHaul truck loads and multiple car loads later we are in! Thanks to the help of some truly great friends and family for making it happen. The move ended with the two of us moving our 6 cats to the new house. This involved loading them up into 6 carriers into Sarah's car along with 3 litter boxes, Traveler's crate and 2 food bins. The saddest of cat choruses sang all the way to the new house and the cats have done surprisingly well adjusting. For now they are confined to one room until they really settle in and more things are out of boxes.
Surprisingly a lot is already in place and it is truly starting to feel like home. The horses are good, the cats are good, Traveler is good and so are we. We love it out here!
I promise to post some new photos soon once things settle down. For now please visit the Flickr link to the right.
Merry Christmas!

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