Saturday, December 12, 2009

Introducing "czar of the woods farm"

A few days ago Sarah and I finally closed on our first house.  The house is a ranch built in 1962 on 3.5 acres nestled on a cozy street in East Aurora, NY.  In addition to that it also is a horse farm.  There is something truly wonderful and surreal about looking out the window and seeing horses playing in the snow.  We currently have 2 horses: one, Midnight-a Bay thoroughbred/quarterhorse mix who belongs to a friend and keeps our horse, Czar-a 24 year old Light Grey Arabian that is still full of spunk, company.  Photo of Czar above.  What an amazing scene it was the other day when I let them out into the front arena.  Like a couple of kids on a snow day, they chased each other around and frolicked for hours.  
Thank you to the previous owner of the house, Amy, for allowing me to work with the horses and get to know the routine and the horses themselves for a few months, prior to closing.  Not only that, but by her allowing us to work on the property during this time as well, my dad and I were able to build the chicken yard off the coop for the chickens that will arrive at czar of the woods farm in the late winter/early spring.  This was truly a unique situation that we were allowed and are forever grateful to Amy for allowing this.  It dropped our anxiety level immensely and now we are able to focus on the "inside" work.  So far this week cleaning, and painting have begun and the place is starting to become ours-photos to be posted soon.  It felt like home from the moment we walked in the very first time.   Can't wait to have you over.  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Eric (and Sarah)

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