Monday, May 23, 2011

Blog Posts Still Missing

Blogger has yet to fix the problem that lead to the disappearance of the last several posts that I made last week.  I want to apologize to all my loyal readers (over 500 per month!)  The last thing I want to do is to try and re-create the posts as they would be impossible!  Not only do I not know exactly what I wrote but I am not sure what images went where.  I have very early drafts saved that do not include any of the final edits.  With that being said I am patiently for their recovery and I appreciate your understanding for something that is entirely out of my hands.  To make you feel better I will share with you some photos!

This is our rescued potbellied pig, Morgan Sophia Beasley, catching some sun over a month ago in between rainy days...the grass and everything else has gotten lush and green since then!

This is our black capped golden Polish chicken...that stunning "hat" is straight out of the Royal Wedding or the Kentucky Derby!

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