Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall = Harvest Moon + Fireplace

What better way to spend a cozy night at home than with a roaring fire.  However, having a family of animals that lives in the barn requires periodic trips, no matter the time of day, to check on their well being.  The colder it gets the more hay the horses need to help keep them warm (in horses digesting guts = warmer horses) so regardless of how much I would rather bunker down with Sarah and the cats on the couch duty calls.  In the cold the walk to the barn can be less than pleasant, especially if it's dark.  Add snow, yea, I'd much rather stay on the couch.  Once you get there however the barn is a cozy refuge with a soundtrack of munching horses nickering with the excitement of fresh hay, a snoring pig, Bad Blake chit chatting with me and drowsy chickens.  (sidenote: You should see the amazing work that our "resident contractor," aka my dad, has done in the barn.  STUNNING!)
Where am I headed with this?  On this particular night it appears that we have a harvest (full) moon.  Its beauty stopped me dead in my tracks (go get camera-then resume being stopped!).  It is so bright out tonight as a result and the clouds are whipping past it.  Not a bad reason to be away from the fire briefly.

and I couldn't resist taking some photos of night-time leaves: 

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