Monday, February 8, 2010

And Then There Were Seven!

So if you remember a few weeks back in a post, that we introduced our barn cat, Wilco...well he is now our seventh house cat!  After much discussion about wanting to bring him in and struggling with the idea of this cat, most likely a house cat, as being a barn cat and the fact that he got himself stuck in the barn wall we brought him in.  He is a love!  We kept him in his own room for 1 week so that the girls could sense his presence.  We had been talking about letting him out and I went to check on him and his door was open...either my mom (who was visiting with him) or I had accidentally left it open.  Well, Clementine was sitting right next to him while Kate and Elephant wandered the floor.  Not sure where Ruby, Luna and Boysenberry were.  So that was that; Wilco had the run of the house!  It was quite easy and went off without a hitch.  Traveler loves him too.  He's (Wilco) a cat,  Traveler loves all cats.  Malamutes aren't supposed to love them.  Now he has a another boy to talk about girls with and Wilco has his own harem!  Yes people probably think that we are the crazy cat people and I feel like I should start wearing a house coat with cats tucked in pockets.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Wilco!
ps-doesn't he look like he has always been here?  He loves the house!

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Carole said...

I'm so glad that Wilco is now 'IN' the house as opposed to 'Out' of the house!
All of us felt so bad that he was the only one, he's where he should be. He's such a handsome fellow.....his green eyes stand out like glowing lights against his rusty colored fir. He's also enormously cudley!!! I know he'll enjoy being a 'Kancar'!!

p.s.: I think I left the door open....oops?